Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Key Principles of Great Web Design

Web design is evolving more into an art movement, as designers are continuously pushing the limits to create the best possible looking web page. Here are some of the key principles web designers have continuously refined and sharpened to get better results each time.  

Friday, 15 August 2014

What makes an SEO-Friendly Website?

A website needs visitors to thrive, but with the millions upon millions of sites already in the World Wide Web today, how can your business ever hope to be found, much less reach its target market? This is how search engine optimization or SEO became a highly relevant term and technique in web marketing. SEO allows your site higher visibility through a successful first-page ranking in search engine results pages or SERPs. So how do you make your site SEO-friendly enough for Google or Yahoo (before anyone else) to rank you?

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sunshine Coast Web Design Services Can Help Keep Your Site Up-to-Date

"Experienced Sunshine Coast web design services like Marketing the Product often offer to provide ongoing updates to your website as part of their product packages. You may be tempted to not take them up on this offer to save money, but it turns out that it is better in the long run to tap their services. To illustrate, Tyler Collins recently wrote for the Huffington Post about the need for constant updates to websites: This is where the services of Sunshine Coast web design firms would prove most useful. The constantly changing demands of SEO will require regular updates to a site. Some of these changes are because of popular trends, changes in search engine algorithms, and other, often unpredictable factors."

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunshine Coast SEO Services Help You Avoid Mistakes in SEO Marketing

"Business owners may think that hiring Sunshine Coast SEO services to improve their websites is unnecessary. However, having an expert on hand can help avoid mistakes. As an example, Jayson DeMers recently wrote an article for Forbes about some of the mistakes people make when trying to implement SEO for their site. One of these errors is the lack of measuring the effectiveness of campaigns: Avoiding the waste of not measuring your performance is just one example of how professionals like Marketing the Product can help your business refine its SEO methods. There are also other mistakes that these Sunshine Coast SEO firms can help avoid."

Friday, 8 August 2014

SMEs: It’s Time to Work with Insurance Brokers in the Sunshine Coast

Historically, flooding mainly occurs in the province from January to April, although heavy rainfall sometimes persists into September to December, such as what happened in 2010. SMEs in the agriculture and mining industries often suffer the worst damage, as their losses have topped out at $1.6 billion and $2.5 billion, respectively, in the past. More recently, flood warnings in Queensland were issued on March, 2014, as many areas like Brisbane, Condamine/Balonne, and the Sunshine Coast experienced heavy rainfall from the 25th to the 27th. Of course, there are more mundane matters that a business interruption insurance policy can protect against. For example, if flooding has bogged down Queensland’s supply and distribution chain, this policy can cover SMEs for losses due to delayed deliveries.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Having Management Liability Insurance is Important for SMEs Today

As the name implies, management liability insurance protects a company’s executives and managers from certain forms of litigation, specifically those that pertain to insolvent trading, fraud, discrimination, employee theft, and the like. However, it also has the more important role of preventing the company from suffering excessive financial losses, especially if it is forced to pay for restitution, statutory fines, and penalties. At the very least, this insurance policy can provide indemnity for defence costs and associated costs in the claims processes. Things can become a bit more complicated when cyber-crimes are involved, though. While scams and online theft are traditional examples of cyber-crime, the Australian Federal Police also use the term to describe any crime committed with the use of technology. This means that selling business secrets online may also be considered a cyber-crime, which is something that a management liability insurance policy can’t protect against.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Cybercrime Insurance in the Sunshine Coast a Must for Hotel Market

As many white-hat hackers have demonstrated before, hacking today is surprisingly easy. All a person needs is a good computer and software to initiate attacks. In some cases, Lowenstein writes, the attack can be made simpler by social media. As businesses take off to Facebook and Twitter to promote their goods and services, defamatory hacking can be a reality. Cybercrime insurance in the Sunshine Coast not only covers the cost of network security but also the aftereffects of an attack. No matter how advanced a business’ security system is, it’s still prone to failure. The insurance will mitigate the effect of profit loss brought about by various network attacks, allowing the business to operate amidst the damage.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Business Interruption Insurance (Crop Insurance) a Rain of Blessing Amidst a Dry Spell

This domino effect in the supply chain has long-term implications. It only takes a faulty chain link to sever the entire chain clean off; for a business hanging onto this chain, severance means a long fall. Something has to support the failed link until the situation is stabilised; something like business interruption insurance in the form of Crop Insurance. Supply issues just so happen to be right up the alley of business interruption insurance. An insurance policy will cover net losses brought about by these supply issues, operating costs, and costs of provisional measures to counter these issues. Depending on the nature and gravity of the issue, insurance coverage may last for months or years. Crop Insurance is protecting the loss of revenue (partially or totally) from fire, spray drift and mainly hail. Other businesses may utilise business interruption cover in the event of damage to their premises and facilities in preparation for or during the crop season.