Saturday, 14 June 2014

Sunshine Coast Web Design: Your Business Needs an Online Presence

"Having a website is as easy as 123 With the help of a professional Sunshine Coast web design firm, a website today can be built quickly and cost-effectively. In it, you can provide every piece of information your customer needs to know about your business, including opening hours, the products and services you sell, what makes you different from the competition, your company history, among other things. Any information you can use to influence consumer decision, you can put on your site. Why it’s good for your small business The great thing about having a website is that your online store stays open 24 hours, 7 days a week. It’s convenient for your customers to browse for as long as they want to, and it makes it simpler for you to have these marketing tools to help you effectively communicate with your customers on a positive and professional level."

Friday, 13 June 2014

The Value of a Good Website Design

One of the most common mistakes businesses make in their online marketing efforts is that they do not pay much attention to their website’s aesthetics and navigability. They concentrate on optimizing basic SEO tools, such as sitemap creation, title tag optimization, and link building. While these methods are essential in catching users’ attention, they are hardly capable of keeping visitors’ interest and converting that interest to sales.

The website must be appealing enough for visitors to stay longer, check out the content, and take advantage of the products and services being offered. Designing a website is much like designing a physical store—simply attracting onlookers or window-shoppers won’t do a business any good. The entire online marketing effort should translate to actual sales.

What is an ideal website design then? A website is like a magazine; it has to be loaded with useful information, yet those information must be understandable and strategically arranged on every page. The content of each page must not only come with good quality but must be arranged such that viewers will not get easily bored or overwhelmed.

A good navigation system is also crucial in any website. There must be easy-to-find buttons to help viewers coast along while browsing. Generally, the website must be user-friendly so that visitors will stay long enough to actually close a sale.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sunshine Coast SEO Services: Google Analytics Can Only Get You So Far

"Be that as it may, Google Analytics can only do so much. You may need advanced data that the service can’t provide (e.g. where a customer clicks within a page, tracking the visits of robots, cluster report for load balanced servers ratio), and for that, you’ll need more advanced analytics services—the kind that only the best Sunshine Coast SEO services can provide. Through advanced analytics, you reclaim the power to make well-informed decisions for your website, decisions based on hard facts, and not mere premonitions. Talk to a Sunshine Coast SEO provider like Marketing the Product to help you get the most from your website. From advanced web analytics and regular reporting and feedback to SEO, PPC, hosting, and web design—with these services and more, your business will always have fresh content for the Search Engines to index, steadily building your authority and presence online."

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

On-Page and Off-Page: Two Types of SEO Practices

To put it in simple terms, search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s ranking in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. To do this, companies employ SEO practices that affect a website’s rankings either directly or indirectly. These methods are classified as on-page and off-page SEO, respectively, and are also the most common SEO practices in Sunshine Coast and anywhere else in Australia.

On-page SEO practices are named as such because they are conducted directly on a website’s pages, including adding unique content, using relevant keywords, and building a better URL structure. On-page SEO also deals with removing duplicate content, faulty links, and overlapping URLs from the website. Despite its simplicity, on-page SEO has also spawned a number of practices that are now frowned upon by search engines like Google, such as hidden texts and content spamming.

Off-page SEO services, meanwhile, are a lot more complicated because they depend on a number of independent and intangible factors that affect popularity. Link-building is an example of an off-page SEO tactic, and its success mostly depends on other sites’ willingness to host a link to the target website. If the latter is reputable enough, looking for hosts would be less of problem. Thus building a site’s reputability is among the major goals of good SEO.