Monday, 20 October 2014

Smart Web Design Begins at UX Task Analysis

There is more to online marketing than business owners can possibly imagine. The process doesn’t end in creating a website that could well represent your business. In fact, there is a far better strategy for dominating a particular market niche: task analysis.

Task analysis is a process designed to create a concrete picture of what the user’s task is on your website. Unlike use cases, task analysis goes beyond describing how actors interact with a system and delves more deeply into forming a useful understanding of what the user expects to do. It also leads a marketing team to visit a brick-and-mortar company where they can observe how specific services similar to the company they will try to market are provided.

Through observations, they can learn the buyers’ preference, which in turn gives them an idea of how the company they are marketing must be put up. Along with the physical manifestation of their finds comes the design of the website. The information they gather through task analysis can also help them determine significant trends, which can help them automate the right process for the website’s most important demographic.

At no point were available solutions or current technology discussed until they identified the desired outcome: a quick and effortless way to allow men to shop for flowers for women. By sticking to this ideal, a company can outpace its competition, pulling the most profitable segment of the market out from under them.

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