Monday, 15 December 2014

Basic Rules for On-site Optimisation

The point of optimising your site is to make it look good to search engines such as Google and Bing.  Search engines use algorithms that determine the worthiness of a site. Your goal, therefore, should be to make your site searchable using SEO services in the Sunshine Coast.

Use enough keywords
When it comes to keywords, it isn’t advisable to stuff too many of them onto a single page. Try coming up with a maximum of five keywords or keyword phrases per page on your site to work with. When in doubt about which keywords to use, try entering some ideas on Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool for suggestions.

Title Tag
This tells the search engines what the page is all about. A title tag should contain your business or brand name and keywords that relate to that specific page in 70 characters or less. It is usually positioned between the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags near the top of the HTML code for the page.

Meta Description
Search engines gain a little more insight into what your page is about via the meta description on pages of your website. You’ll want to write your meta description with a human audience in mind. Make sure to include the page’s main keywords, as the meta description does show up in search results.

Other on-site SEO elements

Be sure to incorporate internal links, header tags, image name & ALT tags, and bolded text to help highlight your site to both readers and search engines.

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