Monday, 9 March 2015

Why You Need Responsive Web Design

Before you move on to any other search engine optimisation efforts, you need to get your website’s design and content down pat. Your website, after all, should serve as a strong foundation of your business’ online presence. Responsive web design became a byword a few years ago when tablets and smartphones began to dominate the market, and has since seen widespread implementation. A mobile-responsive website has the following advantages. 

            1.      Site visitors like your website better

Responsive websites are easier for users to share across multiple devices. This facilitates word-of-mouth advertising and enhances the overall user experience as visitors do not need to deal with device compatibility issues. 

            2.      Keep all of your URLs in one place

You don’t need to maintain separate mobile and desktop versions of your website, so it should be easier to manage your URLs. You also won’t have to bother with building authority for each from scratch. 

            3.      Google and other search engines prefer responsive websites

In response to consumer trends, Google began to release updates that put responsive websites at a major advantage over those that are not mobile-optimized.

In any case, expect responsive web design to help shape the way businesses market themselves. 

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