Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Two Technical Aspects of SEO

As many businesses and online marketers have come to realise, search engine optimisation (SEO) is far from simple. You must strike the right balance between what human users want and what search engine crawlers seek. Unless most of your visitors are web developers, they probably have little to no appreciation of your site’s source code.

That being said, you should care about the technical aspects of your website as these have an impact on your SEO efforts. Take broken pages, for instance, which require redirection. Whilst search engines mostly frown upon redirects as a black hat SEO tactic, you’ll need to redirect visitors to other pages in some instances. After all, you certainly don’t need search engines to crawl and index pages that do not work.

Experts recommend the 301 redirect, which tells search engines to use the new URL and replace the old one that was indexed. If you are like most users, you do not have to know all about the nitty-gritty; a web developer can take care of mapping your site’s structure and carry out the necessary fixes.

Yet another technical aspect is the site speed. Users love a fast-loading website, and search engines use it as a factor for page ranking. If your site does not load at optimal speeds, you might want to look at your site’s navigation scheme and transition away from Flash or JavaScript towards XHTML and CSS. Count on a reputable web developer to know all about these strategies.

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