Friday, 12 June 2015

Importance of Web Design in Conversion

For a business website, you should not be content with people visiting your site. You’ll want page views to turn into revenue as often as possible. Thus, all aspects of your online marketing campaign need to take conversion into account.

Web design is one effective vehicle to increase your conversion rate. Below are some characteristics of a website designed with conversion in mind:

Usable. Any design optimised for conversion is dependent on usability as its framework. After all, you can’t expect visitors to take action if you make those actions hard for them.

Persuasive. Making your site usable is just the first step. What you want to do next is to make each of your calls to action convincing. There are many ways to do this, such as putting your call to action in an enclosed or highlighted section, using colour theory, utilising whitespace, using a clear visual hierarchy, and implementing directional cues. Sometimes, a slight variation on visual design can make or break your website.

Shows Proper Priority. A website with good usability and persuasive design can still fail to convert visitors. This happens when visitors don’t grasp the difference between multiple options. When a page in your website has multiple calls to action, the user must be able to visually detect differences between the available options.

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