Monday, 5 October 2015

Making your Audio Files Appear Online

Internet functions have considerable advanced in the past few years to account for various types of digital material. These include streaming video, shared video clips, and audio files. If you have a good collection of the latter made for various purposes, ensuring they rank online will warrant a need for search engine optimisation (SEO), which SEO services in the Sunshine coast will help you with. 

There are some ways worth considering to help your audio file earn some leverage in the rankings. 

Go Verbatim

One of the more common ways for SEO audio rankings is that entire audio file must be transcribed. As a general rule, you cannot edit the text at all. Consider hiring a professional transcriptionist to extract all spoken words into the text, including keywords that best describe your subject.

Improved Readability

Some audio files may be read first and possibly heard later. To this end, you will need to create a script that incorporates the associated keywords and must be easy to the ear when spoken or read out. 


Another option will be to describe the general thrust of your audio file. You can make a short description of the audio file in a page that has a list of several files, with the file link over the text. The title of the audio file must have a keyword in it to aid search engines in ranking it.

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