Monday, 19 May 2014

UI Cards Trend Towards the Future of Web Design

A fundamental shift towards a new interface paradigm is happening right now. Influenced by the continuous growth in market share of smartphones and tablets, compact, specialized, and mobile-optimized user interface is becoming the trend among known websites like Google, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. This UI is called Cards.

The card user interface is both a trend and, possibly, the absolute future of web design. Web re-architecture (away from pages and links) is making it possible to personalise experiences. These are built on a collection of individual pieces of content, capitalising on the elements of mobility, and capturing just enough time of users' interest to convey needed information and give satisfaction that will ensure future visits.

Because portable screens are the predominant medium in our times, design patterns are inevitably turning towards the card UI. It makes sense as cards are sensible containers that logically encapsulate bits of information in usually rectangular areas (hence the term card like business cards, baseball cards, and other forms of cards we are accustomed to).

Businesses and entities who want to get their fair share of online traffic in this era must embrace developments in web design— especially UI forms like cards that target different mobile platforms. The future is quickly coming to us. Making use of tools and ideas that prepare us for it won't hurt at all. It could even be the catapult we need to secure a brighter future.

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