Friday, 13 June 2014

The Value of a Good Website Design

One of the most common mistakes businesses make in their online marketing efforts is that they do not pay much attention to their website’s aesthetics and navigability. They concentrate on optimizing basic SEO tools, such as sitemap creation, title tag optimization, and link building. While these methods are essential in catching users’ attention, they are hardly capable of keeping visitors’ interest and converting that interest to sales.

The website must be appealing enough for visitors to stay longer, check out the content, and take advantage of the products and services being offered. Designing a website is much like designing a physical store—simply attracting onlookers or window-shoppers won’t do a business any good. The entire online marketing effort should translate to actual sales.

What is an ideal website design then? A website is like a magazine; it has to be loaded with useful information, yet those information must be understandable and strategically arranged on every page. The content of each page must not only come with good quality but must be arranged such that viewers will not get easily bored or overwhelmed.

A good navigation system is also crucial in any website. There must be easy-to-find buttons to help viewers coast along while browsing. Generally, the website must be user-friendly so that visitors will stay long enough to actually close a sale.

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