Thursday, 17 July 2014

Newbie Web Design Pitfalls to Avoid

Small businesses should always make it a point to make and build their own website so their target market can easily find them. However, even if you’ve hired a reputable web design company, don’t be in a rush to get your site on the Net before you have inspected it thoroughly, particularly for any of these potential problems:

Text Walls

A website, especially one for a business, should entice visitors and encourage clicks. Now, what would make you want to see more of a site you’re visiting, seeing a clean homepage with simple images and a few engaging words for content, or one with nothing but a wall of text that could make your eyes ache before you can even figure out what it’s about? Definitely it’s the former.

Complex Navigation

If you want your customers to keep coming back to your site to do business with you, then make sure that it won’t take them too long just to find the page or content that they’re looking for. Keep it simple and easy to navigate (put a search bar on top of your home page to make things even easier).

Needy Popups

There are two ways to do popup windows on your site: one that gives suggestions or further information to your visitors, and one that motivates them to perform actions like subscribe or post comments before they can continue. The latter will only serve to catch the ire of your clients.

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