Saturday, 1 November 2014

Get it Right: Learn the Foundations of On-Page SEO

Proper SEO gets you the hits on your webpage, however, it isn’t as simple as populating your website with keywords everywhere. You’ll need to carry out keyword optimization in all the right places. Here are the five places where proper keyword placement can get your site maximum exposure:

  • URL. Some websites use query strings when it comes URL structure. A typical search-engine friendly URL format would be something like This makes it easier for keywords to be inserted into the URL and at the same time makes it more visible to search engines.
  • Title Tag. A page title gives search engines an idea of what your site is about. Seeding it with your keywords makes it easy for search engines to classify your page. Keep the title within 70 characters and have your business or brand name included to raise your page rank even further.
  • Header Tag. Headers help break up the information in your content. Putting keywords in them helps search engines correctly identify what is in your content as well as breaks up your content into readable sections.
  • Alt Image Tags. Having images mixed in with your content can make it more understandable and gives readers more than text to look at. Enriching them with the right keywords allows users looking for certain images to be directed toward your site.
  • Content. The content itself should mention your keywords several times to ensure a higher page ranking.

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