Monday, 10 November 2014

How Web Design Can Affect Your Site’s SEO

Web designers sometimes get too creative and forget why they are creating a site. Some are probably under the impression that if they focus on optimisation, their creativity will be stifled. The truth is designers should work closely with SEO experts to create outstanding web design in the Sunshine Coast because too many bells and whistles could end up making a lot of noise and undermining the site’s optimisation.

Not-so-hot Flash
Inasmuch as Flash is interesting to watch, it doesn’t get indexed by search engines, thereby lowering the site’s ranking. Designers should use it sparingly, and not with important content and navigation. Search engine spiders also devalue java applets and non-textual content.

Image isn’t always everything
The use of images as a primary form of navigation is more often identified as non-functional by the search engine. In the same way, the use of pure text is just as unproductive. The solution is to use text-over-image techniques with CSS.

No finding their way back without breadcrumbs
Designers sometimes forget about the use of breadcrumbs despite their ability to make site navigation friendlier. A breadcrumb trail matrix that’s implemented properly will significantly increase your site’s search engine performance because text links are easily read.

Stop the pop-ups
Search engines, designers, and visitors alike dislike pop-ups because of their annoying nature. Moreover, search engines do not even index them as part of the website. They are a thing of the past, and are better left unused to strike an optimal aesthetic balance.

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