Thursday, 15 January 2015

Here’s what People Hate Most about your Website

If you’ve ever wondered why your website is still ranked at the lower half of the search results pages (and way below the positions of your competitors’ sites), you could point to one culprit: people simply don’t like it and what’s contained in it. Here are a few reasons.
How it works on mobile – People don’t have time to face their PCs anymore, so they turn to their phones—but what they experience on sites like yours are extremely long loading times, coupled with poor responsiveness and visuals.

Too much text – The power of text-only stimulation should be reserved only for novels, and nowhere else. Users wouldn’t dare spend much time on the loads of text on your site—in fact, people only read about 28% of all written content on a page on average, and opt for the visual stimuli more often than not.
Pop-up ads – People find these things extremely annoying that they’ve earned the atrocious tag “internet scum.” Of course, who would like it when they’re trying to engage on bits of interesting content, then a wild pop-up ad blatantly interrupts your focus?

Stale content – Users nowadays seek mostly stories that are of the latest origin. Putting up a website and leaving its initial content untouched is a surefire way to turn anyone off a website. People living in 2015 would hardly bother to linger in a website, let alone read stale content, with blogs and announcements dating from, say, the early 2000s. 

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