Sunday, 1 February 2015

Some Myths About Search Engine Optimisation

Myths have a way of becoming pervasive and creating negative impressions about SEO services on the Sunshine Coast. Taking those myths seriously could damage your business. Here are some of the common ones.

Myth 1: If You Build it, They Will Come
Just build an amazing website with even more amazing content and watch the traffic roll on in. Not exactly. If it were that easy, all SEO professionals would be out of work or switch to content writing. Unfortunately, while great writing and brilliant content is a large part of SEO and something any site needs, it also needs links, a strong technical base, fast page downloads, and more.

Myth 2: The More Links the Better
As with content, when it comes to inbound links it’s more about quality than quantity. At best, low quality incoming links will have no positive effect, and at worst bad links may result in damaged rankings or a Google penalty. Focus on natural link building, rather than manually building links. That means focus on creating high-quality content people will want to link to, rather than asking for links.

Myth 3: SEO is Dead

SEO will never be dead as long as there are algorithms in search of a site to rank. Not worrying about SEO means losing out on a significant portion of your website visibility and traffic. It is as vital as it was one, two, and even five years ago. SEO today is just handled more broadly, and contains far more factors.

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