Monday, 13 July 2015

Nostalgia Marketing: A New SEO Trend to Utilise

There’s a new (or is it old?) trend abuzz in the world of SEO called “Nostalgia Marketing”. This clever strategy brings the old classics back to appeal to the sympathies of customers; call it a throwback if you will. That probably explains why the throwback trend in social media is such a hit. Therefore, it’s a good thing to get into now and incorporate into your own marketing strategies. SEO services such as content creation and social media marketing can easily be aligned with this new trend. 

The Power of Nostalgia

Whatever triggers nostalgia for you, one thing is clear: It is a powerful emotion. Used correctly, nostalgia can be a great marketing tool. 


Your company has a rich history, so you might want to let your customers in on it. This approach makes your brand seem more relatable and not just some formless entity. It is also a good strategy for creating blogs or articles for your website. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can publish blogs about popular homemade recipes with a twist to attract a considerable number of visitors to your website AND your establishment.

Social Media

Nostalgia is also big in social media, as you may have noticed. Posting throwback pictures or videos as well as other content that appeal to your target market can gain you new followers.

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