Monday, 18 January 2016

Top Web Design Trends for 2016

As 2016 sets in, many Sunshine Coast businesses are curious to know some of the top website design trends. This article provides a brief overview of the most interesting updates in web design and how they can affect the success of any online portal.

The (Unfortunate) Tendency Toward Standardisation

Otherwise termed the "banality of web design," some analysts have observed that businesses have begun to use standard templates as opposed to customised packages. While such an approach is hardly a good idea, the positive news is that Sunshine Coast companies that think outside of the proverbial box stand to make a lasting impression in 2016.

Blurred Images

The time it takes for a page to load is critical and when a site employs graphically rich layouts, this factor can be substantially hindered. Some designers are employing what is known as a blur-and-scale technique. An image will first be presented blurry and as the page loads, it gradually becomes sharper. This dramatically decreases load times and in turn, it is more likely that a visitor will remain on the page and find what it is that he or she is looking for.

These are two interesting trends which are likely to enjoy a growing popularity during 2016. Any Sunshine Coast enterprise that is hoping to capitalise on such techniques should employ a professional website design team.

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